LOST TRIBE ESPORTS IS the next frontier of Jewish community. WE ARE changing the game on how gen z connects with each other and to Jewish life. Game on.


Lost Tribe strengthens the Jewish identity of teens and young adults by building friendships, increasing engagement, and encouraging participation in Jewish life. Leveraging the power of new media, Lost Tribe is the primary entry point for disaffiliated youth (estimated at 80%), a bulwark against losing the affiliated 20%, and the engine that is shifting the balance.

A global, year-round engagement initiative, Lost Tribe connects the next generation through new media and the community of gaming. We partner with over 150 Jewish organizations to bring people together on an international level. We provide tournaments, community game nights, and livestreams with a wide library of games.

Lost Tribe Esports designs and delivers Jewish educational, online gaming-based experiences for all of Generation Z. We use the tools and media channels of online gaming to engage and re-engage teens and young adults in Jewish life and community, as well as with opportunities to connect with Jewish institutions and Israel.

Connecting with a digital generation in the digital age, Lost Tribe esports is building the frontier of Jewish community.


Esports should always be fun, competitive, and social. But we believe they can also build community, open doors to professional and personal opportunities, and even help build a better world.

All our gaming opportunities are grounded in values of sportsmanship, self-respect, and positivity. We embed tzedakah into the gaming, with prize dollars donated to a charity of the winner’s choice. So when you game with Lost Tribe, you’re playing not only for fun and for bragging rights, but also to make a difference.


Lost Tribe Esports is committed to facilitating a safe space for Jewish teens and adults to game. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any bullying and harassment, and work to make sure our tournaments and communications channels are welcoming and respectful places for ALL our gamers, regardless of background, gender, and ability. Please read our code of conduct for more information.

Ben Halpert is the Founder of Cyber Savvy Kids and a security consultant for Lost Tribe Esports. Parents, please visit SavvyCyberKids.org for more information on how to keep your kids safe online.

Discord is a safe, highly moderated platform that Lost Tribe Esports uses as a convening place. From Discord, participants can compete in Lost Tribe Esports’s online tournaments in a safe space. For more information, please read Parent’s Guide to Discord.