Through the generosity of visionary donors and foundations, Lost Tribe is connecting disaffiliated teens to impactful Jewish journeys. In just three years, Lost Tribe has:

• Engaged over 33,000 participants
• Found disaffiliated Jewish teens through groundbreaking social media
• Connected Jewish teens through over 700 events in the past year alone
• Nurtured a vibrant community of Jewish youth worldwide
• Facilitated over a half-million minutes of conversation between Jewish peers in Israel and the Diaspora.  

An estimated 80% of Jewish teens (a vast “lost tribe”) are disengaged from Jewish life post bar/bat mitzvah age. It’s time to ask the question: Are we really building a vibrant Jewish future if we are leaving four out of five Jewish kids behind? 

Lost Tribe is reinventing Jewish education and teen engagement for a new generation, using the new media they use every day. The primary entry point for disaffiliated Jewish youth, Lost Tribe is also a bulwark against losing the affiliated 20%—and the engine that is shifting the balance.

The greater an individual’s Jewish social network, the more likely they are to raise Jewish children, observe the holidays, belong to a synagogue, and more. Lost Tribe is on a path to create one million new Jewish friendships by 2026. We have launched a capacity campaign to scale up our successful model and engage thousands of disaffiliated Jewish teens. The One Million New Jewish Friendships Lost Tribe is creating will transform our Jewish future.

Your campaign gift will accelerate Lost Tribe’s impact by:

• Filling demand for front-line counselors 
• Bringing thousands of Jewish teens together through massive online celebrations of Jewish holidays
• Supporting Lost Tribe’s tech- and media-oriented Israel travel that appeals to a new breed of Jewish teens and young adults
• Building bonds between Israeli and Diaspora teens — online, year-round, every day
• Engaging Jewish educators to create experiences tailor-made for teens who have not found their entry point into Jewish life. 
• Growing our teen-driven campaign to fight antisemitism

A successful Campaign will enable us to reach far deeper into the missing 80%. We will reverse the decades-long trend toward disaffiliation among teens and engage a new generation, benefiting Jewish communities and organizations across the world and for years to come. One Million New Jewish Friendships, a bold challenge for a proud future.  

Join us as we secure a strong Jewish future and make history together.

All donations:

  • Are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • Will be securely processed by UpStart, our fiscal sponsor.
  • Can be made anonymously or in dedication to others during the donation process

If you have any questions please email Lenny Silberman.

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Lost Tribe Esports accepts donations by check through our fiscal sponsor, UpStart.
UpStart partners with the Jewish community’s boldest leaders to expand the picture of how Jews find meaning and how we come together. Your tax-deductible donation is processed by UpStart but supports Lost Tribe Esports. 

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IRA Distribution

If you are 59½ or older, you can take a distribution from your IRA, then make a gift to Lost Tribe without penalty. Although you will pay income tax on the withdrawal, you can take a charitable deduction for the amount if you itemize your tax return.

If you are 70½ or older, you can give any amount up to $100,000 per year from your IRA directly to Lost Tribe. You will not pay income taxes on the transfer. If you are 72 or older, you can use this transfer to satisfy your required minimum distribution.


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