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  • How Tiktok Changed the Music Industry Forever.

    How Tiktok Changed the Music Industry Forever.

    For many of us, the years of buying albums and vinyl records were before our time. We grew up on Limewire, a peer-to-peer music sharing app, that gave you a 50/50 shot at either downloading an mp3 file or a virus. It was the basis for the streaming services that we have now, giving listeners […]

  • How Creating Music Salvaged my Quarantine

    I started thinking back to how much fun it was being a student prior to the pandemic and if you didn’t have a job it was ok because you were a student and you had a perfectly good excuse. Now, I was sitting in my room playing guitar, just graduated and I had no job. The main words of the chorus came to me, “But now I’m not a student anymore. Just Unemployed.”